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( It won’t affect your credit score )

Representative 59.9 % APR

Representative example

Borrowing £2,000 over 24 months at Representative 59.9% APR and Interest rate 59.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £131.05 and a total amount payable of £3,145.20. This example is for illustration purposes only. The rate and / or term you are offered is dependent on your individual circumstances Rates from 39.9% APR to maximum 89.9% APR. Loan terms from 12 to 36 months.

Small £500 Loans

Sometimes, managing your finances can be tricky. That surprise expense you forgot about, or bills costing more than you expected can quickly push you over budget for the month.

Alternatively, you might be well-prepared and manage your money in advance, only to realise things are going to be tight and a credit card might not be the best option for you. That’s where Likely Loans may be able to help out with the small loans we offer.

Whether you’re after small loans for bad credit to pay off that next holiday, or a small loan for any other purpose, our £500 loans could be just what you need. Plus, whatever amount that you choose – getting a quote for £500 or above – it won’t affect your credit score and no one but you can see them on your credit file.

How Do I Apply?

When applying for one of our unsecured personal loans there are three simple steps to follow:

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1. Tell us a little bit about you

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2. Get an instant response

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3. Money next working day

Why Choose Us for Small Loans?

There are many great reasons to get a small loan with Likely Loans:

  • We offer small loans from £500 upwards to help your personal finance

  • No fees are charged whether you take out a small cash loan or a larger loan
  • You can apply for a small loan in three simple steps. Simply fill out an online application form and you’ll get an instant response on your eligibility
  • Apply online, manage your small personal loans and repay your loan all in one place

Frequently asked questions

How much will a £500 loan cost?

The APR you’re offered which is based on your personal circumstances, amount and repayment period. As an example, if you’re offered an APR of 59.9% and repay over 12 months, your total amount payable would be £639.

Can I use the £500 loan for any purpose?

Of course. Once you take out the loan, you can spend the £500 on whatever you want or need, for whatever reason without restrictions. This could be for unexpected bills, a mobile phone repair or buying a new washing machine.

Can I get a 500 loan with bad credit?

Yes, even with a poor credit score, you can still apply for a £500 loan. The choices will be more limited, but there are plenty of lenders, including Likely Loans, that are often willing to offer loans to those with bad credit. The decision will be made on factors including your credit score and how affordable the loan is for you based on your income and essential expenses.

What is the criteria to get a £500 loan?

As with most loans, you’ll need to be over 18, a UK resident, employed and have a bank account and debit card. In terms of income, you should be able to comfortably afford monthly repayments from your regular income. Working students and those with permanent benefits may also be eligible.

How long will it take before receiving the £500 loan?

Applying for any loan with Likely Loans is quick and simple and find out if you’re eligible within minutes. After that, once your application goes through the required checks, if you are approved you could have your money in your bank account by the next working day.

What repayment terms are available for £500 loans?

For a £500 loan you can borrow from 12 to 24 months.

Get a Quick Quote Online for all Small Loans

Get a small loan quote online before applying to see if you’ll be accepted for a £500 loan or higher. The soft search won’t impact your credit score and can be done by simply entering your personal details to receive a quick response.

The interest rate and how much you’ll pay for our small personal loans is provided, so you’ll know how much monthly payments will be and can decide whether borrowing money is the right choice for you. This will depend on the amount borrowed and the loan length over however many months.

Apply for a Small Loan Today

Apply for a small loan or contact us for information about getting small loans with Likely Loans today.

( It won’t affect your credit score )

Representative 59.9 % APR